Fashion + Film = Fabulous!

Fashion and film have a fabulous synergy. Fashion is always present in film, it helps define characters, and so the role of the costume designer is an integral one to the overall visual impact of the film. Sometimes fashion designers step into the fray, some with longstanding relationships with actors (just like Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, above). Similarly, fashion designers often cite films as the inspiration for their latest collection; more and more designers are even making short films to explain and showcase their collections. Sometimes a film can spark a trend (or a whole slew of them, if you’re Sex and the City). And fashion and its favourite figures have been the subject of many a film of late (Valentino: The Last EmperorThe September IssueCoco Avant Chanel, etc). But, to be honest, I’m just a sucker for some celluloid glamour and another excuse to go the movies. Miss Prescott  will indeed present some of those nice crossovers between fashion and film, from old Hollywood gems to new fashion shorts and many more in between. And if you’re wondering about the blog title, best you rent Funny Face, pronto. Maltesers optional.

© 1956 Paramount Pictures

One Response to “Fashion + Film = Fabulous!”
  1. Paul Hayes says:

    And … you’re blogging!

    Congratulations and much success. I look forward to an endless stream of posts.

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