Here, kitty kitty

Lady Into Cat

Collection: Willow SS2011

Director: Sharif Hamza

When you’re a designer used to being on the schedule of New York Fashion Week but find it coincides with being nearly eight months pregnant, you’ve got a bit of a logistical problem. Kit Willow Podgornik decided to get around it by turning to film. “As we are not taking the collection to runway, due to my pregnancy and my inability to fly to New York, the film is an artistic expression highlighting the inspiration behind the new collection,” says Willow. “It’s an alternative way to launch the collection, but it was also a wonderful opportunity to create an inspiring moving image.” The film is titled Lady into Cat, and showcases, well, only a couple of outfits from the Untamed Wisdom collection for Willow SS2011. But they’re good ones, featuring Willow’s new digital print taken from enlarged images of human hair. The 1min41sec film was directed by international fashion photographer Sharif Hamza—who also created Dior Homme’s film The White Room—and styled by Melanie Huyhn of Paris Vogue. It’s a rather moody piece filmed near the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, all broken-down shed on a desolate property with (remarkably) a rather large water source into which the fabulous Emma Balfour immerses herself. The collection, says Willow, is about “cherishing and respecting wild animals and the power of discovering the animal within us all”. The cat in question was a rather sizeable puma, with whom Balfour had to get up close and personal. “Emma embraced the concept and, thankfully, the wild puma. Magically she was able to make a very special connection with this beautiful creature,” says Willow. Nice kitty.

One Response to “Here, kitty kitty”
  1. The NDM says:

    Didn’t know that the puma was native to the Blue Mountains. You learn a new thing every day.

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