Gallows Fashion

CocoRosie “Gallows”
Director: Emma Freeman

We’re not immune to a good music video here at Miss Prescott, especially when there’s a strong sense of style—whatever that style might be. While hardly a glamorous clip, CocoRosie’s “Gallows” video does a great line in spooky, stitched-up Victoriana meets blood-soaked sexy. The Casady sisters and extras are decked out in a good dose of vintage fashion—and for once that’s not a misnomer for something from two seasons ago—as well as selected pieces from Romance Was Born and Gail Sorronda, both known for their flamboyant and theatrical pieces.

Gail Sorronda designer Gail Reid concedes that while she doesn’t follow the band closely, “I really appreciate their aesthetic musically and visually. It’s inspiring that they have such a niche sound yet they are so popular. I love their recent videos as they take you somewhere else, they have meaning and make you want to know more.”

I’m not sure how much more we need to know about the scenario playing out here, but the chilling atmosphere and bleak Australian landscape (note the fighting kangaroos—Nick Cave isn’t the only one who can do Aussie gothic) make it compelling viewing.

Here’s a look at the music duo’s particular take on gallows style.


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