Black Swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Costumes: Amy Westcott
Ballet Costumes: Laura & Kate Mulleavy (Rodarte)

Only nine more sleeps until Black Swan opens in Australia. And that means it’s not long until we can see Rodarte’s ballet costumes in full flight.

No-one does tortured beauty like the Mulleavy sisters, Kate and Laura, so they were the perfect choice for this psycho-sexual drama featuring a dark version of the ballet Swan Lake. The fact that the film’s star, Natalie Portman, was already a fan of the duo was just the final feather in the tutu.

In an interview with W magazine, Kate Mulleavy said: “We loved working with Darren Aronofsky and the creative team for the film … we created a world within a world where all notions of identity, beauty and brutality could be explored simultaneously. And Natalie [Portman], who introduced us to Darren, was a constant source of inspiration.”

Added Laura: “It’s interesting because when you watch a corps de ballet on stage, ballerinas look so similar to one another. Individuality is blurred. In creating the soloist dance costumes for Rothbart, Siegfried, the maiden, the white swan, and the black swan, we had an opportunity to showcase how costumes become symbolic for a dancer; it’s one of their opportunities to distinguish themselves from the rest.”

On their favourite costume, the tutu for Portman’s Black Swan, Laura said: “We were able to envision and create a costume that was keeping in the tradition of Swan Lake and yet completely modern. The black feather tutu and metal and Swarovski crystal crown, combined with the net, defines that pivotal and surreal moment within the film. Looking at how the choreography, score, and cinematography all tie together and propel the viewer forward, anticipating the moment where the black swan is revealed, all that definitely required an iconic costume.”

And to tide you over until the opening, here’s the trailer for another twisted tease…

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