ManiaMania lures Abbey Lee

ManiaMania Rêve lookbook video
Director: Barnaby Roper

Things are getting a little mystical at ManiaMania. The jewellery brand, designed by Tamila Purvis and Melanie Kamsler has just launched its latest collection, Rêve, with a very sexy video featuring none other than girl of the moment Abbey Lee Kershaw.

According to Purvis, it was a dream pairing. “We gave her a ring when she was here last year and she wore it to death,” says Purvis. “We thought, let’s just ask her [about the video]. She wrote this really beautiful email saying that she gets asked to do a lot of these things but that she really loves the brand. She’s actually become a friend of ours.”

The New York-based model squeezed in the Sydney shoot between other jobs, including having to fly back to New York the following day to shoot for Tom Ford eyewear.

“She was totally into it,” says Purvis. “She was like a little actress.” Purvis concedes that the video was “different to what we’ve done before—it’s kind of intense.” That’ll be all that writhing and quasi-ritualism, then.

The collection is inspired by Australian artist and vagabond Vali Myers, who became a muse to the likes of Patti Smith and Marianne Faithfull. Abbey Lee certainly looks the part in vintage kimonos, barely-there tanks, a fringed macramé vest and, of course, the jewellery

The soundtrack of fuzzy electric guitars and tribal drumming was courtesty of Sydney band The Straight Arrows, who wrote a piece specifically for the video.

The jewellery label, with its organic feel courtesy of rough crystals and hand-worked metal, has had something of a dream run since launching two years ago.

“It’s just great that everyone’s into it, that’s the most exciting thing,” says Purvis. “We love storytelling, so I think for us we want to create a world that the pieces are a part of. They’re quite ethereal, they have mystical appeal, I guess there is a trend with that right now, but the pieces are quite personal, quite organic and seem quite unique. It’s like wearing an amazing piece of vintage jewellery that no-one else has. Everyone wears it differently.”



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