Fleur Wood leads the news

Watching the Channel 10 Late News this week, I spotted the gorgeous Kathryn Robinson in what, I would argue, has become the most popular dress for television presenters in Australia. Fleur Wood’s ruffled dress, which she created about three years ago, by her own reckoning, has become ubiquitous within wardrobe departments across Sydney and on presenters on a number of channels. And with good reason.

“Whenever I wear it people say, ‘What a beautiful dress,'” says Kathryn. “And then, ‘Wow – what a colour.’ It’s perfect on camera – the colour just pops. It’s an oldie but a goodie.”

And super functional. “It’s such a timeless piece,” adds Kathryn. “I can wear it to functions and then on camera. It’s feminine without being too girly, because we can’t have anything too girly for work. And it covers a multitude of sins.”

(I certainly know from my own experience that this is a most flattering dress, and have it in the magenta and also in olive green and it always garners compliments.)

“I often hear from people when it’s worn on TV,” says Fleur. “People text me and let me know, which is nice.”

“It’s a great desk-to-date dress,” adds Fleur. “A newsreader can wear it, even with a jacket, but it wouldn’t look out of place at dinner, either. And it’s really flattering.”

And while this particular model is no longer on the racks, Fleur adds, “I always do variations, there’s a dress with ruffles every season. And it’s still the best seller every season.”


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