Angora, winter


Paris, Texas
Costumes: Birgitta Bjerke

While looking at all the new autumn/winter collections landing in store (and looking ahead to the next northern hemisphere collections), I’ve noticed the quiet return of angora and mohair knits.

They’ve been absent for some time, probably because at some point we realised that angora moults on everything it touches (much like my cat) and mohair isn’t as nice against the skin as you’d hope.

Regardless, it’s having a moment, which reminded me of angora’s finest moment on film.

I hadn’t seen Paris, Texas since watching it on video in the late ’80s, Wim Wenders’ slow-winding film with its spartan Sam Shepard script, Ry Cooder soundtrack, stark landscapes and hard city-scapes.

When Jane (Nastassja Kinski) first appears in the film in real time, tracked down by her estranged husband, Travis (Harry Dean Stanton), she’s in a type of bar & brothel on the outskirts of Houston.

In the midst of this soulless set-up, she appears in a fucshia angora sweater dress, the only soft, sartorial punctuation mark in the whole film. It suggests vulnerability and sensuality in equal measure, and is both appealing to her clients (who can look but not touch) and a security blanket of sorts for her.

Perhaps that’s the thing about angora: it’s both comforting and covetable. Never mind the moulting.

Image: © Potential Films, 1984


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