Fernando Frisoni: Esconde

Esconde: Fernando Frisoni AW2011
Written & directed by Giovanni Pacialeo of ViGILANTi

Designer Fernando Frisoni this week launched his short film, Esconde, for his AW2011 collection. The collection has a western feel (as in Wild West), with his usual androgynous elements.

The trend towards short fashion films is particularly noticeable this season, but Frisoni wasn’t swayed by that.

“It is quite a trend at the moment,” he says. “But I don’t follow trends, sometimes I do quite the opposite. This was something quite organic. The production company invited me to do the film. I think they liked the western feel to the collection and the androgynous element. They didn’t want to do something very girlie and romantic, they wanted to do something quite dark.”

Shot on Sydney’s Bare Island (Mission Impossible fans will recognise the location) it features models Stephanie Carta and Josh Oliver and was styled by Frisoni and Mark Vassallo. The great thing is that while the film is very atmospheric, the clothes do take centre stage.
“The production was amazing—the crew was about 50 people, and we had the same DOP [Damien Wyvill] as the Chanel [No. 5] commercial by Baz Luhrmann with Nicole Kidman.”

Frisoni is clearly thrilled with the result, as is the production company, from the sound of things. “They want to do another one for my summer collection.”


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