Twenty-seven Names, Five Portraits

Still Waters Run Deep
Directed by Tane Coffin

New Zealand label twenty-seven names, designed by Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart, launched its SS11/12 collection, Still Waters Run Deep, last week in Sydney’s Surry Hills. The launch included an exhibition featuring drawings by Eastling, photography by Guy Coombes, and a short fashion film by Tane Coffin.

It’s a short, succinct piece, as you can see below, featuring five winsome girls artfully shot in black & white. The designers had the following to offer on the project.

Why did you want to make a short film for this collection?
We had always planned to launch the range with an multi-media exhibition; exploring different, styles, scales, and media to present the five subjects in four very different lights. We decided on close-up portraits, drawings, full-length portraits, and the film. The film, shot by Tane Coffin, allows each subject a brief moment to connect with the viewer.

How would you best describe this collection?
Still Waters Run Deep is a collection that is true to its name. Initially you’ll see classic and simple pieces—made from natural fabrics, using clean lines, and a sandy palette. But at a second look you will find an alternative; vibrant hand-designed heart prints, mismatched fabrics and uncharacteristic detailing.

The film is very simple—was this to highlight the simplicity of the clothes?
Yes, essentially we do like  simplicity in both the clothes and the campaign.  We’ve always been interested in video sculpture (Rachel studied Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture, and also did the drawings for the exhibition) and it was really engaging to have a moving portrait included in the exhibition.

Why did you only want to show a little snippet of the clothes—was it to highlight the sort of girl who would wear them as much as the clothes themselves?
What we really wanted from the campaign was to explore the tradition of portraiture whilst working with the collection. We were more concerned with creating beautiful imagery as opposed to creating the perfect advertisement for the clothing.


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