Thomas Crown’s ’90s Affair

The Thomas Crown Affair
Costumes: Kate Harrington

Looking back at the 1999 remake of The Thomas Crown Affair is very timely given the current winter trends we’re seeing in fashion. If you want an idea of how to work minimalism, monochromatic (top-to-toe tonal, as opposed to its black-and-white misnomer), fur accents and great knits, look no further than Rene Russo’s wardrobe in this film.

As insurance investigator Catherine Banning, out to nab Pierce Brosnan’s billionaire playboy Thomas Crown for art theft, Russo’s upmarket late-90s looks are right on trend. There are a few aspects that should never be repeated—the see-through stocking dress, the block-heeled boots—but hell, they were cool in 1999.

The colour palette, for one, is very now: black, caramel and camel feature prominently. The shift dresses and the just-below-the-knee A-line skirts are particularly in keeping with the minimalist theme.

The way she puts together tonal jackets, skirts and poloneck knits (so hot right now) is bang on the monochromatic bandwagon. And with the return to knits that are a little chunkier and textured this season, you can see them here looking super modern. And I love that Russo’s character understands the use of sunglasses to hide the effects of a late night. That green-hued spirulina drink, however, can stay in the ’90s, right where it belongs.

Images © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1999


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