ksubi’s true kolors

ksubi: kolors
Directed by Daniel Askill

Yesterday ksubi released their short fashion film, kolors, to coincide with the launch of their new coloured denim into stores worldwide.

Having watched a number of fashion shorts of late, I can honestly say that this has set a new benchmark. The bogan muscle cars revving it up in slow motion, the special effects of three models in coloured denim and cropped tees out-jumping the cars, all set to a contradictory classical vocal of Fauré’s “Requiem (Pie Jesu)”—there is much to love. And all with that renegade ksubi touch.

Miss Prescott had a quick chat to ksubi’s Dan Single about the film. When asked how they came to collaborate with the very talented Daniel Askill, Single said: “We’re just good, close old friends. We loved stuff he’s done in the past. Mostly we’ve done things in-house. It was time to collaborate with people with skills beyond our reach. It’s our first foray into film, and it’s one of the biggest productions we’ve ever done.”

That’s certainly saying something, given this is the same brand who 11 years ago sent 169 rats down the runway at Australian Fashion Week and later sent models jumping from a boat-catwalk into Sydney Harbour.

They do have form for the muscle car thing, though, as their Death Machine calendar from 2004, shot by Richard Bailey (RIP) would attest (below).

But back to the mini-movie… The film’s featured models—Cisco Gorrow, Bambi Northwood-Blyth and Heidi Harrington-Johnson—are all ksubi girlfriends and wives (handy when casting your first film), and two of them flew back in from overseas just to shoot the film.

The abandoned carpark and Fords are quintessentially suburban Australian. “We went though all the different styles of cars, cheesy American muscle cars. But we settled on the good old Ford Falcon,” says Single.

“It was shot in a secret location in Sydney—actually, it’s near the airport. It’s a burn-out carpark, that’s all they do. All day shooting we had to have some safety tape on the fence. There were guys coming up saying, ‘What, we can’t do burnouts today?’ Then, ‘What, are they models?'”

Models and muscle cars. Now that’s some kind of great Australian dream…


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