Mulholland Drive still sparkles

Naomi Watts & Laura Elena Harring in Mulholland Drive

Jan Logan: Mulholland Drive collection

There’s something a little spooky happening in Australian fashion. First Therese Rawsthorne based her Fashion Week collection on David Lynch’s TV series Twin Peaks (more on that another time); now Jan Logan‘s latest fine jewellery collection takes its inspiration from his 2001 film Mulholland Drive. One more and it’s officially a trend.

I popped in to visit Angus Logan last week, Jan’s son and business partner, to discuss the collection and why this film offered such intriguing design fodder.

“That ring said Mulholland Drive, I don’t know why,” said Logan of the 18ct diamond Mulholland sparkler (right). “Then we started designing on the back of that ring.”

Of course, having watched the film again prior to my visit, I was looking for direct inspiration at every frame: was the Jennifer bangle based on the telephone headpiece? Were the pearl earrings inspired by Rita’s missing jewel?

But as Logan explains, the design inspiration is less obvious. “For us the film represented Los Angeles and the collection tied back to that Hollywood glamour,  which is always a motivation for us from a design point of view. And for one, the fact that it was Naomi’s (Watts) breakthrough role—she’s always been a great supporter of ours—and secondly it’s such an edgy, confronting but progressive film.”

Laura Elena Harring & Justin Theroux

Pearls appear with great regularity throughout the film, something which does tie nicely to the collection, which features South Sea pearl earrings, rings and necklaces alongside diamonds and ocean jasper.

The Jennifer bangle and rings (left), worn together,  in both diamond and black diamond, are particularly representative of the film in Logan’s eyes. “This is really Mulholland Drive, the black and white, the two different parts of the film.”

There are also more exotic pieces, such as the oriental-style Laurel necklace (right) in jade, diamond, emerald and aquamarine, which to me is reminiscent of Ann Miller’s landlady, Coco. “The film does provide that kind of setting where you’re not really stuck in any one particular genre,” says Logan. “It’s just the different moods of the film, and hopefully we’ve represented that with the collection we’ve done.”

The film may swing from beautiful to baffling, gritty to gorgeous, secretive to sexy, but Logan’s jewels are nothing but sublime.

Laura Elena Harring & Melissa George in Mulholland Drive

Images: © 2001 StudioCanal / Universal Pictures


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