Mars Bedazzled!

Directed by: Geoff Marslett 

By some lucky alignment of the stars (and planets, it turns out), I happened to find myself in Perth this week in time for the programme launch of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival. Official proceedings over, we were treated to a screening of the rotoscope animated feature Mars.

While this might not necessarily sound like something Miss Prescott would be interested in—a trio of astronauts en route to Mars doesn’t sound exactly glamorous—it did pique particular interest for three reasons (aside from the appearance of Kinky Friedman)…

First: the sweetly campy style of the film and the ever-changing and increasingly ludicrous hairstyles of the three lead characters. Space travel has never looked so coiffed.

Second: Charlie’s custom-made spacesuit, complete with embroidered detailing (see above, right).

Third: the customising of said spacesuit by Charlie, first with a Bedazzler (surely the first time a Bedazzler has made it into space?), and secondly with the addition of a Superman-style cape after a particularly heroic turn. Again, he cleverly thought to bring the Singer on the trip. Nice.

And in space, no-one can hear you seam.


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