L’amour, toujours

Directed by Sybil Steele 

What started out as a simple promotional video for a dream wedding competition has gained some industry traction recently. Wedding website The Lane’s short fashion film L’Amant was recently one of the Fashion Film Network’s Top 10 fashion films of the week. It’s certainly beautiful to look at, and is itself rather dreamy (and just a little bit Byron Bay, where the film was shot).

For The Lane’s founder Karissa Fanning, the result has been well worth the effort.

“We originally created L’Amant to coincide with our 100k dream wedding giveaway, as a creative showcase of our competition’s sponsors and inspiration for entrants to illustrate their idea of a dream wedding. We also wanted to create an artistic portrayal of falling in love and we were lucky enough to have the talented Sybil Steele directing the film so our shared vision created something pretty special and the film has taken on a life of its own!”

The wedding industry is particularly competitive, but The Lane’s mission is to service the more stylish end of the market in hopefully more unusual ways. “We wanted to inspire brides to think out of the box and be more creative on their wedding day,” says Karissa, “so we created a film celebrating love, whilst giving brides fashion and styling inspiration, keeping with the fashion film genre.”

The Top 10 listing certainly came as a surprise to the team. “I am still in shock at the overwhelming response we have had to the film by the public, let alone being listed within the Top 10 Fashion films, and three places from the Chanel film! It is just crazy. I have been so inspired by this experience, The Lane will definitely be producing more fashion films this year.”

Brides, get ready…


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