Big Mamma’s wardrobe

Frank Lotito and Holly Valance in Big Mamma’s Boy

Big Mamma’s Boy
Directed by Franco di Chiera

Designer Aurelio Costarella can now add film costume credits to his ever-expanding list of achievements. For new release Australian movie Big Mamma’s Boy, Costarella was approached by the film’s costumer, Gail Pether, to outfit Holly Valance exclusively in the film.

Costarella describes Valance’s character, Katie, as “a fashion-forward business woman,” and supplied role-appropriate pieces from his winter 2010 collection, including leather jackets, silk/wool matisse dresses and silk-satin evening dresses.

This is the designer’s biggest film involvement to date. “I have worked on creating on-off pieces for various films and mini-series over the years,” said Costarella, citing Under the Lighthouse as one such project. Looking ahead, “I would like the opportunity to create pieces specific to a role/character or style an entire film.”

A movie fan himself, Costarella says, “I have so many fave movie style moments, but it terms of classic film styling, you certainly can’t go past Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Miss Prescott approves.

Big Mamma’s Boy is in cinemas now. See



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