Something Else entirely

Something Else SS11/12
Directed by Lorin Askill

Designer Natalie Wood has ventured into moving images with the first fashion film for her label, Something Else. She called upon Lorin Askill to take directorial duties, and the result is a beautiful, stark and slightly unsettling short film, largely thanks to the spartan soundtrack and mirrored landscapes. This from Natalie Wood on the experience…

What do you like about fashion films as a medium, which are so popular now?
I think the appeal is fashion/garments are so linked to movement. Clothes move with the body and it’s so enticing to explore that further rather than just relying on still images to tell the whole story.

Did you brief Loren specifically on the visual effect you wanted, or was the video a collaborative effort?
It was very much a collaborative effort. In saying that, when I work with people who bring in their own expertise I am never one to tell them how to use their medium. How could I possibly know more about it than them?
I wanted Lorin’s eye and his style to come through—so it is really a very open collaboration. He brings the look, I supply a storyline about the girl, what she’s doing, where she is.

When I initially met with Lorin we talked through the storyboards and I communicated the feel of the range—and that it was important the video showed this. But most importantly I wanted to convey in these moving images a complete “weirdness”. I was really clear about what I “didn’t want”, which was anything like the usual pretty girl being filmed in outfits.

Whilst there was no script or storyline, I was very clear about saying, “Just make it out there… but beautiful”. Alongside wanting to have the mirrored landscapes—that was as deep as the brief went. The rest was up to Lorin on the day.

There is a great sense of unease, especially with the mirrored landscape effects—was this something that you wanted to achieve for the collection?
Most definitely. I love the haunting beauty Lorin captured. [The girl is] washed up on a desert island—will she be there forever? Will she survive her own mind? What is real? Is she alone? Nature in all its rugged glory showing we are but a mere speck on its surface. I definitely like things that are hauntingly beautiful.

It’s beautifully shot—was the film more to highlight the collection itself, or did you want to create a feeling around the brand?
The story attached to the collections is always very strong—we have storyboards that reflect the feel for the range and we show these to all the creatives involved with the shoots. The purpose of the film was show this “feel”—but definitely in an out there way. Not too literal. Give some essence to who we are as a brand but also not say too much.


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