Miu Miu’s Muta

Miu Miu: The Women’s Tales #2
Directed by Lucrecia Martel

Following on from Zoe Cassavetes’ first instalment, part two of the Women’s Tales has arrived. This time around, Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel takes us aboard a deserted showboat in Paraguay that has more than a touch of the Mary Celeste. But the void is soon filled by a group of models being “born” into the space via a cramped cupboard from who knows where? They have a detached, alien-like air about them and seem to have a penchant for eating paper goods and communicating with strange hand signals.

While the alien-models quietly get up to no good—spraying each other with nastly-looking chemicals, pouring cocktails of goo—the boat’s walkways become a catwalk. The label’s autumn/winter 2011/12 collection, with its 1940s-inspired floral dresses and glittery booties, takes centre stage. The models are seen almost entirely from behind—handily a number of the dresses have beautiful cowl or plunge backs. When shot from the front, the models’ faces are still obscured, by their hands, gas masks or binoculars. Either way, it just adds to the sense of unease, as does the eerie soundtrack.

By the end, the alien-models seem to spontaneously implode, leaving behind just their earthly adornments of dresses, shoes and false eyelashes…


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