Channelling Joan Holloway

Talking Mad Men on Mornings With Kerri-Anne

Well, there has been an interesting development since my post about the Mad Men costume exhibition last week and my interview with costume designer Janie Bryant.

I was asked to have a chat with Kerri-Anne Kennerley on her morning show this week to discuss all things Mad Men and how it sparked the return to ladylike dressing.
Not only that, I was also asked to wiggle into one of Joan Holloway’s dresses (the very same one as above) for the occasion. It’s one thing to write about these things, quite another to actually get into them.

For the record, the dress was a vintage JM Jack Marsee, Inc., California design. Alongside that tag was another Mad Men logo tag stitched into the dress. Included in the ensemble was the signature pen pendant (so practical!) and dainty vintage watch. For the exhibition, other pieces in this particular outfit, which I didn’t wear, included original early-’60s underwear (Janie Bryant insists they wear period costume from the foundations up), clip-on earrings and shoes (size 6).

Just getting into that dress made me want to swish and sway like one Miss Holloway (OK, now Mrs Harris, but that just doesn’t rhyme so well).

Here’s how it all played out…

One Response to “Channelling Joan Holloway”
  1. David Star says:

    Wow Glynis. You look fabulous.

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