Girl Panic!

Duran Duran: Girl Panic!
Directed by Jonas Akerlund

Way back when Miss Prescott was but a wee slip of a thing, Duran Duran ruled the airwaves and MTV (thank you, Russell Mulcahey) and supermodels strutted down catwalks like beautiful, gleaming beasts. In these times, pop stars and supermodels lived glamorous, hedonistic lives (or so we were led to believe) and Size 0 and reality TV didn’t even exist. They were good times indeed.

Fast-forward to 2011, and there’s a weird sense of déjà vu setting in, thanks to DD’s new video for their single “Girl Panic”. Except that, in this odd, parallel universe, the band’s members have been replaced by those same supermodels, who are now living the hedonistic ’80s lifestyles, complete with free-flowing Roederer, bondage-chic model groupies (possibly Size 0) and not very much sleep.

Enter Naomi Campbell as Simon le Bon (lead vocals), Eva Herzigova as Nick Rhodes (keyboards), Helena Christensen as Roger Taylor (drums), Cindy Crawford as John Taylor (bass) and Amber le Bon (wife of Simon) as the “ever-changing” guitarist. (Helena: “I’m sure you know we tend to change guitar players a lot.” Amber, ironically, adds: “I am not a member of Duran Duran.”)

Herzigova as Rhodes. Although not playing one.

The real Duran Duran mostly play second fiddles as bellhops, barmen, room service waiters and even journalists, interviewing their female alter-egos. As Naomi says to Simon, “We were the first to put models in our videos.” Nick to Eva: “You have had some truly shocking reviews over your careers.”

Given the cast, the fashion is front and centre. Dolce & Gabbana took care of the styling, and even make a cameo, preparing the band for a Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot. Says Cindy as Simon, “It makes me nostalgic for the old days. The shoulder pads, the big hair. This is a little throwback to that look.”

Shot at London’s Savoy hotel, there is Louis Vuitton luggage for days, long limbs and luxe furs. There’s also some girl-on-girl action (as well as girl-on-girl-as-boy action)—nothing new for Duran Duran. (Remember “Girls on Film”? “The Chauffeur”??)

The music video was sponsored by Swarovski Elements (among others), who created a number of pieces for the band, including a crystal microphone for Naomi, and guitar straps for Cindy and Amber. The video also features a crystal chandelier and curtain, dresses, shoes—and even a crystal-encrusted sofa. All of which makes for a glittering backdrop to this hilarious and tongue-firmly-in-cheek video.


Duran Duran Girl Panic

And for your viewing pleasure (let’s face it, the boys are looking rather good) here’s another video with the band explaining the Swarovski collaboration…

Duran Duran Swarovski

Images courtesy of Swarovski.


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