Prada’s perfect therapy session

Prada: A Therapy
Directed by Roman Polanski

Of course the Cannes Film Festival has Miss Prescott all a-flutter with frocks and red carpet frivolity – even when watching all the action from the comfort of an armchair and an iPad.

In a perfect marriage of fashion & film, Prada used the French Riviera backdrop to unveil its first short film, A Therapy. It’s short and sweet, and takes our obsession with fashion to amusing new levels. Directed by Roman Polanski (The Pianist, Rosemary’s Baby among his oeuvre) it stars Ben Kingsley as a therapist and Helena Bonham Carter as his rich, lonely and neurotic patient.

But really, the main character here is a rather fetching purple Prada coat. Because, after all, Prada suits everyone…

Prada: A Therapy


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