Off on a Tangent

Tangent Confidential Part 3 Directed/photographed by Emmanuel Giraud Styled by Heather Cairns  Issue seven of Tangent, titled Uncensored Glamour, is online now and giving Paris Vogue a run for its money on the nipple count. Included in this issue (and adding to the tally) comes Part 3 in its Tangent Confidential offering of fashion videos. Think saucy, … Continue reading

Vanity Fair November 2010 – Think Hepburn!

Couture shoot: Styled by Michael Roberts Have I mentioned recently how much I love Funny Face? Well, of course, I’m not the only one. Vanity Fair is also fond of the 1957 film by the looks of things. En route back from New York I picked up the November issue (doesn’t have quite the same … Continue reading