Wilkommmen, Weimar!

Metropolis, 1926 Weimar to Hollywood Sydneysiders who love a bit of German expressionist film are in luck. In conjunction with the Mad Square exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW—Modernity in German art 1910-1937—comes the Weimar to Hollywood film series. Kicking off today (Aug. 18) with Expressionist classic The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, the series … Continue reading

Sudden Fear revisited

Director: David Miller Costumes: Sheila O’Brien Free-to-air TV has been throwing up some real treats of late, especially in the late-night movie department. In a happy coincidence, given my recent blog about Baby Jane, I recently watched another gem starring Joan Crawford: Sudden Fear. This noir thriller also stars the even-creepy-when-young Jack Palance as Crawford’s husband … Continue reading