Gatsby strikes again!

Gucci glamour Spring/Summer 2012 Miss Prescott has already mentioned the Great Gatsby style on the catwalk at Ralph Lauren. But it seems the 1920s trend is only going to get bigger until Mr Luhrmann’s movie comes out next year. Here is another selection of spring/summer 2012 dresses inspired by flappers, Art Deco and one Ms … Continue reading

Gatsby hits the Catwalk

Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2012 Spring/Summer 2012 collections  We can blame Baz Luhrmann. Shooting on his 3D update of The Great Gatsby has barely begun, but already its heady 1920s style is hitting the catwalk in rabid anticipation. At New York Fashion Week’s spring 2012 collections, none showed this particular trend as specifically to the 1974 … Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor: A Peek Inside the Wardrobe

Christie’s: The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor Miss Prescott will admit that, like anyone else with a penchant for sparkly things and outré ensembles, she quite likes a rummage around someone else’s wardrobe. Just to look, mind. So, perhaps a trip to Paris or New York is in order later this year to have a closer … Continue reading

Zizi – That’s Shoe-biz!

Zizi Jeanmaire Zizi by Florsheim Coming up with the name for a new product can be testing… When it comes to, say, shoes, for example, it might need to be a little sassy, easy to remember, and just exotic enough. We can thank Florsheim president David Venner’s wife, Yazni, for coming up with the name … Continue reading

Channelling Joan Holloway

Talking Mad Men on Mornings With Kerri-Anne Well, there has been an interesting development since my post about the Mad Men costume exhibition last week and my interview with costume designer Janie Bryant. I was asked to have a chat with Kerri-Anne Kennerley on her morning show this week to discuss all things Mad Men … Continue reading

Jessica Chastain wins Gucci Award

The Gucci Award for Women in Cinema As mentioned previously, this new award from fashion powerhouse Gucci was yet another indication of its commitment to the art of cinema, past and present. Jessica Chastain won the award from a field of five women from all sides of cinema, including directors and screenwriters, for her role … Continue reading

Jun Ropé revisited #1

Japanese brand Jun Ropé has posted its back catalogue of advertisements on its junofficialtv YouTube channel, and it’s deliciously riveting viewing. There are some gems from the 1970s & ’80s in particular, from the likes of Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton and Serge Lutens, with models including Lauren Hutton, Anjelica Huston and Bryan Ferry. Here’s a taste … Continue reading

Mad Men’s Janie Bryant talks frocks

Mad Men: Icons of Style exhibition If there’s one thing Miss Prescott is rather fond of aside from eating Maltesers in a darkened cinema with a stiff martini in hand, it’s a quiet night in with Don Draper. Alas, thus far it has only been through the medium of television. But as of next week, … Continue reading

Absolutely F#@king Fabulous!

Miss Prescott has almost recovered from her lie-down over news that Absolutely Fabulous is to return later this year in a three-part special to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Yes, Eddie and Patsy will soon be swilling Bolly on our screens once again. (Cheers to that!) Given that Jennifer Saunders can do no wrong, we can … Continue reading

Lovin’ Lanvin

Lanvin Fall 2011 Directed by Steven Meisel Just another reason to love Mr Elbaz. One, two, three, four…!